Dollywood Talent Club

Dollywood Talent Club is an initiative by Music Director Raj Mahajan for the budding talents in the field of singing & modeling under the banner of Moxx Music Company. DTC organizes get-together, concerts, events, live shoots, recording schedules etc on regular basis. It's a friendly and unique platform for amateurs to polish their talent practically. If anyone want to groom himself under the supervision of Music Director Raj Mahajan. They can join the monthly membership of DTC, so that their singing skill will be further nourished. DTC also gives chance to the budding singer’s to perform in albums, live event’s etc DTC monthly organize musical event named as ‘Sangeet Safar’ in which every budding singer got chance to perform live on various tracks of bollywood ranging from new to old ones.DTC is the best platform for anyone who wants to make career in singing, music.