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About Us
Music Composer & Director
Raj Mahajan

About Moxx Music

The music by one of the leading music companies of India, Moxx Music is welcomed all over the world. In fairly short time, Moxx Music has risen to the great heights for which credit goes to one & only Mr. Raj Mahajan. This Delhi based company is lead over by Raj Mahajan as Managing director and Music Director. Among others he holds the managing directorial post in Binacatunes Media Pvt. Ltd. But reaching this success point was never an easy task for this man. It took years of toil and diligent hard work and without any Godfather supporting, building this company was a herculean task at hand. Since childhood he was an avid reader and his love for books compelled him to borrow books from any resource he could reckon. Apart from books, music also played in an important role in shaping up his career. A casual hobby of listening music and composing new tunes out of it lead Raj to believe in the strength of his music and soon this hobby turned off into his passion. But as is the story of middle class state music was never his family’s top priority and no one ever seriously encouraged hi, over this endeavor. It were those unsupportive days that lead Raj to steal from his own shop to buy his first electric key board which until then had remained only an entity of his sweet dreams. His financial struggle led him to work at shop, cybercafé and other place during which his inquisitive nature taught him the knowledge of science and technology. Slowly steadily his hard work paid off and he established Moxx Music & Binaca Tunes at the smallest with very few resources available. The love and blessings from people and almighty god brought his companies to a successfully launch many new comers and self taught artist. This success also brought him the friendship of Mr.Ramesh Mishra and both decided to kick off as a Music Director duo. This duo till now has given many unique and successful songs. The best part of their music is their music is that they always consider the mood of listeners. Some of his new songs feature poems table and counting targeted at children generation. There is an old saying that the tree bearing a great number of fruits will always stay close enough to the ground. Accordingly Raj Mahajan has become a tree of success with his roots deep down the earth. It is his polite nature and attitude that even after achieving all the success dreamt. Raj Mahajan is a man of patience and love. Thanks to his good upbringing that rewarded him with gratitude and respect by all his friends and employees. One thing that Raj has learnt from his experience is that life is always difficult for everyone, be it a poor or a prince but it is the attitude and perseverance that differentiates people create their own destiny from those who get lost in the whirlwinds of life and its troubles